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Weight Loss

Personalized Service

  • Changing nutritional habits

  • Learning the correct food combinations to promote weight loss maintenance
    • Weekly support sessions
      • Weekly measurement taking and weigh-in

        Feeling good about yourself…..a goal attainable by all

        Nourishing the interior for exterior beauty! This is what we are suggesting to you. Taking care of specific needs through personalized solutions, to help you to attain, and maintain the shape you have always wanted and the feeling of well-being you deserve. Your nutritional choices have important repercussions on your silhouette and in the way you feel about yourself. Good nutritional habits and balanced meals will give you more energy and peace of mind, helping you to obtain your objectives and to enjoy life.

        Lose 3 to 9 lbs per week

        The method itself has existed for approximately 30 years, sometimes called a high-protein diet. Simply put, The method causes a carbohydrate deficiency, which obliges the organism to delve into its fatty reserves to obtain the energy it requires to survive.

        Would you like to know more ?

        Contact us for a personalized 30 minute meeting. It is free of charge and there is no obligation on your part.

        More than just looking good……HEALTH!!

        • Weight loss
          • Diet protocol formulated by an M.D.
            • Changing nutritional habits
              • Cellulite treatment
                • Revitalization of the skin
                  • Dietary supplementation
                    • Aids convalescence